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Creativity & growth

Team of experienced web engineers and designers located in Lviv, Ukraine.

We have strong belief that each member of our team should do the job he/she is best at, and develop in that field. Thus we try to hire and cooperate with most promising people on the market, both local and remote.

Of course, no shortcuts to excellence. Constant education is necessary for everybody of us to keep ahead of the curve. We do the development from scratch, trying to envision the product and understand the customer's business. These are the keypoints now...




Web Development

Design & architecture

API integrations

Big data



Adaptation to mobile platforms


UI/UX design


Social Media


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Send us an email or visit us at:

DataSyntax P.E.
Khutorivka 40A,
79000, Lviv,

Skype:   datasyntax
E-mail:   sales@datasyntax.com.ua

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